Comics Express – A Benefit Comic For Kids In Joplin

Some awesome folks are putting together a comic and activity book to benefit kids here in the Joplin area that were affected by the tornado called “Comics Express”. We’ve been asked to help spread the word about this book, and how you can help. Just head to and you can donate money to help fund the production of the book.

$20 gets you your own copy of the book, and makes sure that it gets into the hands of 16 kids here in Joplin. If you want to give more, then that’s great there are several donation levels, and gifts associated with all of them, up to and including signed books, and even original art!

The award-winning comic artists in Comics Express include:

Corey Barba – Yam
Chris Duffy – Bizarro Comics
Ellen Forney – I Love Led Zeppelin; I Was Seven in ’75
Felipe Galindo (Feggo) – Manhatitlan; cartoonist for The New Yorker
Caitlin Keegan – illustrator of Shakespeare’s Love Sonnets
Alec Longstreth – Phase 7
Mark Martin – Gnatrat
Dan Moynihan – Heeby Jeeby Comix
Travis Nichols – The Monster Doodle Book
Dave Roman – Astronaut Academy: Zero Gravity; Teen Boat
Johnny Ryan – Angry Youth Comix; Prison Pit
Karen Sneider – cartoonist for The New Yorker
Raina Telgemeier – Smile; The Baby-Sitters Club

If you can, please help out this amazing cause.

Jason and Nathan

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We Have Been Overwhelmed With Generosity

All of the love, support, and generosity shown by the comics community has been truly appreciated. However, due to the overwhelming response we’ve had to our Comics for Kids campaign, we have been completely swamped with comic books. We may, in fact, have more comics at this point than we will be able to distribute. Not only have we been somewhat overwhelmed here at the store, the city as a whole has been inundated with supplies. Due to this overabundance of generosity, we have to ask that any more comic donations be put on hiatus. In the near future, should we find a need for more books, we will definitely let you all know. In the mean time, if you still want to donate to relief efforts here in Joplin, you’re best bet is making monetary donations. We recommend United Way. Again, thank you all for your generosity.

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All Ages Comics For Joplin Tornado Relief

This is a call to publishers, distributors, stores, anyone who has all ages books they would like to donate.

My name is Jason A. Hurley, my brother and I own a comic shop called Hurley’s Heroes in Joplin, Missouri. This last weekend, Joplin was hit by a deadly tornado that wiped out a huge chunk of town. Several hundred, perhaps even thousands, of families were put out of their homes. Now, hundreds of children are stuck inside huge shelters, and no doubt bored out of their minds. We’ve taken a few books from the store to a shelter nearby, and they were greatly appreciated. I’ve been inspired, and I want to make this effort bigger.

I have plenty of people, mostly my loyal customers, willing to distribute these books far and wide to the various shelters around town. Now, I need books to distribute. If anyone out there has all ages comics that they would be willing to donate to this cause, you can just send them to me, and I’ll get them out to the shelters.

Hurley’s Heroes
1515 W. 10th
Ste. C
Joplin, MO 64801

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Tuesday Night Storms

We will be closing up the store at 5 this evening, and riding out the storm in a more secure location. If anyone is in need of a place to stay and ride out the storm, we recommend the shelter at Ignite Church, just across Maiden Lane behind Sonic. With our front wall being entirely glass, we simply can’t stay here during the risk of another tornado. Please, everyone, be safe, and find a basement to spend the evening in.

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Joplin Tornado Relief Help

WE ARE HERE. WE WANT TO HELP. We will be open at 10th and Maiden Lane as long as it takes. We have a safe undamaged building with electricity and running water. We have some canned food, clean clothes, and a bit of bottled water. If ANYONE needs ANYTHING please get ahold of us. The store is 417-782-6642, and Jason’s cell is 417-499-6994 we will try our hardest to help you, or find someone who can.

Anyone who wants to come by and help us help others, please do. We could use more bottled water, non perishable food items, and clean clothes. Get ahold of us at the above numbers, email, or come by the store.

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Warhammer 40K League: 1,000 points starts June 1st

Starting June 1st, the Warhammer 40,000 Escalation League will reach the 1,000 point stage. These armies will use the Standard Force Organization Chart, and the standard rules and scenarios found in the Warhammer 40,000 rules. Note that there is no limitation on changes that you may make to your army list. You are not required to play all, or any, of the models from your 500 or 750 point armies, nor are you required to keep the same army configuration for each of your league games in a given stage.

During this stage, which will run from Wednesday, June 1st through Saturday, July 15th, every player is allowed four games for league points. Each of these games must be played against a different opponent. While only four of your games may count for league points in any month, we encourage you to play as many games as you can. Playing more games will not only help you learn to play, it will allow everyone else to get in their four games. League times will be Thursday evenings, and all day Saturday. However, league games will be allowed anytime that the store is open.

Entry Fee: $10 per month

Points per League Game: Participation – 2 points, Fully Painted Army – 1 point, Victory – 2 points

Tabletop Painting Standards: Each model must have at least three different colors of paint, and a decorated base

Prizes: 1st Place – $40 credit toward new models, 2nd Place – $20 credit toward new models, “Door Prize” – $20 credit toward new models

Congrats to our 750 Point Stage Winner, Justin Riley; Runner-up, Clint Cowen; and our Door Prize Winner, Marc Paine.

If you have any questions regarding the league, feel free to call us at 417-499-6994, email us at, or come on by during one of our league times.

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The Daily Thor

Our friend, and customer, Dan Lynch has been reading comics for over 20 years. Recently, he discovered a huge gap in his comic book knowledge when he realized he had never read an issue of Thor. He’s decided to fix that gap in a fairly insane and grand way by reading EVERY SINGLE ISSUE! Not only has he decided to shoulder the task of reading over 500 issues of The Odinson’s exploits, he’s decided to blog the entire experience.

Check out his thoughts on the God of Thunder every day at I’m sure you’ll love it!

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