Warhammer 40K League, Week Two

A little late, I know, but here’s some pics from Week 2’s matchups.

Tau on Tau action

Shawn's Tau Empire Fire Warriors and their transport

The Imperial Guard take on a force of Space Marines that will someday be painted as Hawk Lords

Marc's Imperial Armor

Richard's fleet of Tau Crisis Suits

Brian's Necron Warriors and Destroyers

Brad's Dark Eldar

The IG take on the Tau

...and that's how a Heavy Flamer takes out half of your troops!

Nathan teaches a group of new players how the game is played

Another shot of Imperial Guard Armor Vs. Tau Armor

The 500 pt. League only has 13 days left including today, make sure to get your four games in before the month is out!

More updates in the next couple of days, including pics from today.

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