Warhammer 40K League off to a rockin’ start!

For those of you who haven’t heard, we’ve recently started an escalation league for the game Warhammer 40,000. It’s a great game, and the league is built to allow new players an introductory level of play, while still allowing more seasoned players to have fun building new and different armies. If you’re interested in the league, come by on a Thursday night, or anytime on Saturday, and you’ll surely find a game in progress.

Here’s some pics from the first week of the league.

IG vs. Necrons

The forces of the Imperial Guard take on the Necron Swarm.

Blood Angels vs. Tau

Blood Angel Space Marines vs. The Tau Empire

A Blood Angel Librarian enters close combat with a Tau Crisis Suit

The Necron Horde faces off against The Mighty Tau Empire

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One Response to Warhammer 40K League off to a rockin’ start!

  1. dartorn says:

    Hey I see my Tau. Anyway this is Shawn and I have started up a blog about my army’s league run if you are interested http://dartorn.wordpress.com.

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