Awesome stuff this week!

In addition to all of our regular weekly events (I’m still working on getting a calendar here on the site, but they are available at the store) we’ve got a couple of special events this week that we wanted to remind everyone of.

TOMORROW, Wednesday, December 15, Noon-7pm – Comic book artist Brian Koschak will be in the store signing books and doing sketches. Brian has worked on such books as Star Wars Adventures, Star Wars: Clone Wars, Narcoleptic Sunday, and Eavesdropper Cafe.

SATURDAY, December 18, 1pm – Magic: The Gathering Extended Grand Prix Trial. This tournament will have a $10 entry fee, and although it doesn’t start until 1:00, we’ll need people to start showing up around noon for deck registration. The winner of this tournament will receive three byes in the first day of play at Grand Prix Atlanta. There will also be packs, and possibly other prizes in the pool for the top players.

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